Coaching Groups

Fiona’s background is in special needs education and has recently spent 4 months in Canada delivering in local ski schools. She has a keen interest in delivering to our younger members which provides a great base for both Andrew and Niaill to work from.

Niaill has years of experience in the ski industry and has developed and coached at a variety of organisations. With an international performance license Niaill runs the coaching programme at Tigers. His expertise lies in delivering quality foundational coaching that allows his skiers to have a basis for future learning. Niaill also trains and assesses instructors and coaches on behalf of
UK Snowsports at the Level 1 Development and Level 2 Performance standards.

Andrew is a very keen and enthusiastic member of the Tigers team. Andrew has just successfully completed Level 2 Performance coach status and is currently well on the way to achieving Level 3 development coach. He is a fabulous positive role model for any young skier .