Join Tigers

Tigers is keen to promote skiing which involves both children and adults.

We offer membership for £30 for the first member and £5 for each additional family member, which enables all of the family to enjoy the ski development experience. The club’s membership of Snowsport England provides 3rd party liability insurance for all club members.

Our coaching system is based around 3 coaching groups designed to provide coaching tailored to the various stages of development a skier will go through as they develop their technique. Ranging from basic snowplough turns up to national level racers, we cater for all ages and abilities.

We have a close working relationship with the region’s university ski racing clubs, which include a number of athletes that are in national squads.

Our Head coach is also a tutor and assessor for a variety of governing body awards. A large quantity of ski school staff have been coached directly or indirectly by him.

Tigers members also get a variety of benefits at local ski centres and shops so your membership can provide a saving almost immediately.

Annual Membership £30 first member £5 each additional family member

Weekly fees:-

£5 to club

£4.70 to slope

Fully affiliated and insured by
Snowsport England