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posted 19 Mar 2012, 10:33 by Niaill Whatmore
Hi everyone

Sorry about the lack of news last week. I got snowed under with a DIY project etc. 

The last 2 sessions have been well attended and I know a few members have been off to the snow to test their skiing skills. I hope they all had a great time.

The dry slope sessions are going well and all persons attending are making great progress. The dry slope season is almost upon us with the first races starting very soon. Good luck to those members taking part. If you intend to do some races then please let me know so we can provide some support if possible. Check out the dates below.

It is a Castleford session this Sunday as usual at 10am. The names I have on the list are as follows: Dave, Maggie, James, Conrad, Cameron, Neil, Bradley, Susan, Tracy, Alan and Dan. I may have missed some out as I cannot put my hands the list I had going, so if I have missed anyone please drop me an email before 5 pm tomorrow.

Rossendale Summer League:
Briefly a series of 5 races over the summer months. It is a team event for Tigers however the coaches emphasis is bringing out the best in each child. Improvement is always dramatic at this event as each participant has 2 slalom runs then races head to head (on identical courses) against 3 other competitors who have had a similar time over the slalom runs in the morning. An excellent way to improve. It has been used as training by the likes of David Ryding (current British team) in his early years. Oh and parents can have a go too :-)

The dates have changed and are now below ( a four race league this year)
8th July
12th August
9th September.
?? October

Don't quote me on the cost I think it is about 10 pounds ish. It is a great day if not long (about 8am at Rossendale till around 5 ish)
We are looking to put a team or teams in. Lee Maitland is coordinating an will contact everyone soon and we will endeavour to get a coach at each date to help you all.

Esskia Races / Training
As you will be aware Tigers are a major sponsor of Esskia (Schools Skiing).

Some dates for your information:
20th May 2012 Esskia / Tigers Fun Race. I am sure Lee would like some help with this so please give her a shout. Also get the children entered. Lots of certificates and prizes on offer.
17th June Esskia training day at Sunderland. There are also days at Sheffield and Rossendale.

Club Nationals
You can register with Snowsport England through our website but you do not have too to try out these events. These races are run around the country (none in the NE this year). The format is 3 runs of slalom with the best out of the fist 2 runs and the last run too count towards a combined time. Again good fun but not as much skiing as the summer league above.

You can check out whats coming up on the race callender on or again through our website. Races up soon are:

14th April Club National,          Manchester                    Telford Ski Club
15th April Club National,          Manchester                    Chill Factor Ski Club
28-Apr Club National                Pendle                          Pendle Ski Club 
29-Apr Club National                Pendle                          Peak Performance Snowsport Club

Entries close for all races about 2 weeks before the date. Again we will endeavor if enough people participate to get a coach there.

Ok hope that helps everyones understanding but please let me know if you have any questions.

See you all Thursday.